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The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett

Extracts from Letters of K.H. to A.O.H. and A.P.S.

Received by A.P.S.


  August 13th, 1882.
Letter No. 72

The methods used for developing lucidity in our chelas may be easily used by you. Every temple has a dark room, the north wall of which is entirely covered with a sheet of mixed metal, chiefly copper, very highly polished with a surface capable of reflecting in it things, as well as a mirror. The chela sits on an insulated stool, a three-legged bench placed in a flat-bottomed vessel of thick glass, - the lama operator likewise, the two forming with the mirror wall a triangle. A magnet with the North Pole up is suspended over the crown of the chela's head without touching it. The operator having started the thing going leaves the chela alone gazing on the wall, and after the third time is no longer required.





  Letter No. 93B ...
Received on October 1882

None can ever be given by your men of Science, whose "bumptiousness" makes them declare that only to those for whom the word magnetism is a mysterious agent can the supposition that the Sun is a huge magnet account for the production by that body of light, heat and the causes of magnetic variations as perceived on our earth. They are determined to ignore and thus reject the theory suggested to them by Jenkins of the R.A.S. of the existence of strong magnetic poles above the surface of the earth. But the theory is the correct one nevertheless, and one of these poles revolves around the North Pole in a periodical cycle of several hundred years. Halley and Flamsteed - besides Jenkins - were the only scientific men that ever suspected it. Your question is again answered by reminding you of another exploded supposition. Jenkins did his best some three years ago to prove that it is the north end of the compass needle that is the true North Pole, and not the reverse as the current scientific theory maintains. He was informed that the locality in Boothia where Sir James Ross located the earth's north magnetic pole was purely imaginary; it is not there. If he (and we) are wrong, then the magnetic theory that like poles repel and unlike poles attract must also be declared a fallacy; since if the north end of the dipping needle is a south pole then its pointing to the ground in Boothia - as you call it - must be due to attraction? And if there is anything there to attract it, why is it that the needle in London is attracted neither to the ground in Boothia nor to the earth's centre? As very correctly argued, if the North Pole of the needle pointed almost perpendicularly to the ground in Boothia, it is simply because it was repelled by the true north magnetic pole, when Sir J. Ross was there about half a century ago.