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The Externalization of the Hierarchy



  Perhaps you will grasp the underlying idea with greater clarity if you will remember the personal work which you should be endeavoring to do with yourself. This is, is it not, the effort to fuse and blend the personality and the soul, or the Higher Self and the lower selves. To do this you have to realize that the illumination of the mind is a vital and essential factor.  




  Forget not, first of all, the necessary process of alignment wherein you do two things:
  • Endeavor consciously (which for most of you at present means imaginatively) to align or link soul, mind and brain so that there is a direct and free inflow from the Higher Self to the lower.
  • Endeavor to realize or register your relation to the Hierarchy, via your own group of disciples (if you know which it is) or in relation to whichever one of the Great Ones or Masters appeals the most to your heart and mind. If neither makes any appeal to your consciousness, the same results will be achieved if you seek to link up with the Christ.