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Esoteric Astrology



  Gemini - In the undeveloped man or the average man, the experiences undergone on three arms of the Mutable Cross have brought him to the stage where the "dream of life" can be changed into the recognition of the reality, and the Great Illusion can be seen as undesirable and untrue. The sense of duality is, at this stage, instinctual but becoming increasingly real and steadily more complex. The man begins to dream of stability, of ordered changes and of union with that which he senses to be the most real part of himself. The mystical vision emerges into his consciousness and he becomes aware of the Higher Self through the first faint flickering of the intuition.  




  The sun - Full self-consciousness. This - through the influence of the physical Sun and the "heart of the Sun" - produces awareness of the relation of the Higher Self and the lower self. Man becomes aware of his essential duality.  




  Mercury is the expression of the dual aspect of the mind as it mediates between the higher and the lower. This mediation again falls into two stages: the use of the concrete mind as the mediator within the personality, conditioning the personality life, analyzing and distinguishing between the human self and the not-self and emphasizing the "me and thou" consciousness as well as that of the personality and its environment. Secondly, it carries the messages between the soul and the brain and establishes right relation between the lower self and the Higher Self; it is, therefore, the illumined mind, relating soul and personality.  




  The entire relationship has been summed up in the words: The planet Venus is to the planet Earth what the Higher Self is to the Personality. Remember that the planet Venus is one of the seven sacred planets whereas the Earth is not.  




  Sex is then seen to be in truth only the relation of the lower nature to the Higher Self; it is then lifted up into the light of day in order that man may reach complete union with divinity. Man discovers that sex (which has hitherto been a purely physical function, carried on sometimes under the impulse of love) is elevated into its rightful plane as the divine marriage, carried out and consummated upon the levels of soul awareness.  




  Gemini - Sagittarius - Mercury (which are an expression of the Pleiades) enable the Probationary Disciple to pass on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship. He is then becoming increasingly intuitive and entirely one-pointed whilst the nature of the pairs of opposites is clearer to him. The relation of the Mother-aspect (as embodied in the Pleiades) and of the Christ-child, hidden within the form of the personality, is realized and the inner, spiritual man institutes the process of initial identification with the spiritual entity on its own plane; the little self begins to react consciously and with increasing frequency to the Higher Self. The man "presses forward on that Path wherein he learns to see."