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Esoteric Psychology II


  At the stage of Intellection, the ray of the mental body comes into activity. This second process is itself divided into two stages:

  • That in which the lower concrete mind is developing.
  • That in which the man becomes an integrated, coordinated person.




  At each of these latter two stages, the rays of the lower nature become increasingly powerful. Self-consciousness is developed, and then the personality becomes clearer and clearer, and the three elementals of the lower nature, the force of the so-called "three lunar Lords" (the triple energies of the integrated personality) come steadily under the control of the ray of the personality.  




  This basic duality then becomes responsive to

  • The lower concrete mind
  • The separative impulses of the selfish mental body
  • The intellect, the synthesis of mind and instinct
  • The prompting of the soul




  From these vortexes of force to the lower or concrete mind - that in which the average intelligent man familiarly works - to the throat center and from thence immediately to the sacral center (the center of physical plane creation or reproduction).  




  Past Integrations.

  • Between the animal body and the vital body. Between these two and the sensitive desire nature. Between these three and the lower concrete mind.
  • Present Integrations. Between these four aspects thus producing a coordinated personality.
  • Future Integration. Between the personality and the Soul.




  Occultism and science are the way of escape from the highest expression of the concrete mind, and from the Aryan consciousness, which is mental in nature. Sensitivity or the psychic sense of touch is etheric in nature, is general in expression and must eventually give place to that spiritual impressibility which enables a man, like the Christ, simply to "know" what is in his fellow man and to be aware of his condition and of the condition of life in all forms.