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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire


  The First Logos. The first Logos is the Ray of Cosmic Will. His mode of action is a literal driving forward of the solar ring-pass-not through space, and until the end of this mahamanvantara or day of Brahma (the logoic cycle) we shall not be able to conceive of the first aspect of will or power as it really is. We know it now as will to exist, manifesting through the matter of the forms, (the Primordial Ray and the Divine Ray), and we know it as that which in some occult manner links the system up with its cosmic center. In a manner inconceivable to us the first Logos brings in the influence of other constellations. When this first aspect is better understood (in the next mahamanvantara) the work of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and the supreme influence o Sirius will be comprehended; in this present manifestation of the Son, or of the Vishnu aspect, we are concerned more closely with the Pleiades and their influence via the Sun, and, in relation to our planet, via Venus.  




  "The Hindus place their seven primitive Rishis in the Great Bear. The prototypes or the animating source of the seven Heavenly Men, the planetary Logoi, are considered the seven Existences who function through the seven stars of the Bear." - S. D., II, 668.  




  This can be predicated likewise of the entire ring-pass-not of the solar system in relation to its cosmic environment. Force flows into the solar system from three directions via three channels:
a. The sun Sirius,
b. The Pleiades,
c. The Great Bear.
I would here point out the connection or correspondence in this statement to an earlier one made when speaking of solar radiation, and the channels through which it can be felt. These currents or radiations we call
a. Akashic.
b. Electrical.
c. Pranic.
In considering the occult meaning of what is here suggested, one point in elucidation may be imparted, leaving the working out of the other two relationships to the student. The Pleiades are to the solar system, the source of electrical energy, and just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart, or love aspect, of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma. Think this out, for much is contained in this statement.




  The Cosmos. Our solar system, with the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear, form a cosmic triangle, or an aggregation of three centers in the Body of HIM OF WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. The seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear are the correspondences to the seven head centers in the body of that Being, greater than our Logos.  




  The solar Logos forms one center in the body of a still greater cosmic ENTITY. Human beings therefore find their place within one of the forty-nine centers (not groups, for a center may be made up of many groups, corresponding to the different parts) of the seven Heavenly Men. A Heavenly Man, with His seven centers, forms one center in the body of the solar Logos. I would here point out to you the close connection existing between the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and the seven Heavenly Men. The seven Rishis of the Great Bear are to Them what the Monad is to the evolving human unit.  




  The Secret of the Pleiades and of their relation to the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and therefore to our Seven Heavenly Men, is not yet to be revealed. It is known only in detail to the Chohans of the Seventh Initiation, though the fact that there is such a relation is now exoteric. H.P.B. speaks of it in the Secret Doctrine.  




  The analogy holds true in the case of the microcosm viewed from monadic levels in his manifestation as Monad, Ego and Personality, and thus the process is carried on as it concerns a Heavenly Man, and likewise a solar Logos. Should the brain suffice to hold the concept, thus is the process also on cosmic levels for such high existences as the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and that still greater Being, the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID.  




  Vibrations from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and primarily from those two Who are the Prototypes of the Lords of the seventh and fifth Rays. This is a most important point, and finds its microcosmic correspondence in the place which the seventh Ray has in the building of a thought-form, and the use of the fifth Ray in the work of concretion. All magicians who work with matter and who are occupied with form-building (either consciously or unconsciously) call in these two types of force or energy.  




  The seven Heavenly Men are in the line of force from:
a. The cosmic astral plane.
b. The logoic nine-petalled lotus.
c. The cosmic buddhic plane (the seven Rishis of the Great Bear).




  The devas of the atomic levels of all the planes in our scheme work in close affiliation:

  1. With each other, thus making seven groups who are the sumtotal of the Brahma aspect of our planetary Logos.
  2. With the seven groups who constitute the atomic matter of that scheme which is the polar opposite of ours.
  3. With that particular group in that scheme which is one of the points in a systemic triangle of which our scheme and our opposite scheme are the other two.
  4. With corresponding groups in lesser degree in all the systemic schemes.
  5. With the scheme which corresponds to the first aspect, or the plane of Adi.
  6. With those devas who form the spirit-substance of the manifestation of that particular Rishi of the Great Bear Who is the prototype of our particular planetary Logos.
  7. With those devas who form the substance of that one of those esoteric existences who are spoken of in the Secret Doctrine (See S. D, II, 579-582) as "The wives of the seven Rishis," or the seven sisters, the Pleiades. One of these seven sisters has a close connection with our Heavenly Man, and therefore we have an interesting cosmic interplay as follows:
  8. One of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear.
  9. One of the seven Sisters, or a Pleiad.
  10. The Heavenly Man of our scheme.




  Prajapatis. The Progenitors; the givers of life to all on this earth. They are seven and then ten corresponding to the seven and ten Sephiroth. Cosmically, they are the seven Rishis of the Great Bear; systemically they are the seven planetary Logoi, and from the standpoint of our planet they are the seven Kumaras.  




  On extra-systemic or cosmic levels, the individualization process produces a corresponding activity in the egoic body of the Logos, and hence increased vibration in that center in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID, which our Logos represents. It also produces a reaction or "occult recognition" in the prototype of the Septenate, or in the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and this reaction in cosmic circles will persist until the end of the mahamanvantara, when the Logos is set free (even though temporarily), from physical plane existence.  




  Cosmic Avatars: They represent embodied force from the following cosmic centers among others:
a. Sirius.
b. That one of the seven stars of the Great Bear which is ensouled by the prototype of the Lord of our third major Ray.
c. Our cosmic center.




  At the initiation of a planetary Logos, an avatar may appear in His scheme on the seventh globe from that cosmic center or star which is ensouled by the particular Rishi Who (in the constellation of the Great Bear) is His cosmic prototype. This is, for the Entity concerned, the taking of a physical form, for our higher planes are but matter from Their standpoint. This has been emphasized frequently, as its significance is not yet sufficiently grasped. By means of the appearance of this Avatar on the seventh globe, the planetary Logos is enabled to preserve continuity of cosmic consciousness even when in physical incarnation; this solar avatar performs the same function for the planetary Logos as the Guru does for His disciple. He makes certain events possible by means of the stimulation and protection of His aura, and He acts as a transmitter of electrical energy from the cosmic center. We must be careful to hold this analogy very lightly, for the real work accomplished cannot be grasped by man. This avatar has naturally a direct effect upon the centers of the Heavenly Man and therefore upon the units or human Monads, but only indirectly and upon the Monad on its own plane. This influence meets with little response from the Monad until after the third Initiation when its conscious life becomes so strong that it grips afresh its egoic expression in one direction, and awakens to planetary realization in another. This type of avatar appears only at the time of the initiation of a planetary Logos. The number of initiations taken by a planetary Logos in this system vary from two to four.  




  Again the Kumaras are embodied principles, but in this connection we must remember that this means that the force and energy of one of the principles of the Logos are pouring through Them via that which - to Them - corresponds to the Monad. Through Them, during Their period of incarnation and voluntary sacrifice, the great Prototype of the planetary Logos begins to make His Presence felt, and force from the constellation of the, Great Bear faintly vibrates on earth. At initiation, man, becomes aware consciously of the Presence of the planetary Logos through self-induced contact with his own divine Spirit. At the fifth Initiation he becomes aware of the full extent of this planetary group influence, and of his part in the great whole. At the sixth and seventh Initiations the influence of the planetary Prototype is sensed, reaching him via the planetary Logos working through the Initiator.  




  The atom likewise is controlled by its own "esse," or by its own inherent nature or vibration, which was the quality of matter itself before it was aggregated into a solar system, and which was the vibratory activity produced through the rhythmic life of an earlier solar system. This is equally true of all atoms of all grades, but only in connection with the atom of substance, and to some degree with the human atom, is it in any way possible to ascertain the predisposing causes. Until the mystery of the Great Bear is revealed and is known as it is, and until the influence of the Pleiades is comprehended, and the true significance of the cosmic triangle formed by
  1. The seven Rishis of the Great Bear,
  2. The seven planetary Logoi of our solar system,
  3. The seven Pleiades or Sisters,

is revealed, the karma of the seven sacred planets will remain unknown. All that we can see is its working out in the solar system. The intricacy of the whole subject will be apparent when it is borne in mind that not only do these three groups form a cosmic triangle, but that within that triangle many lesser triangles have to be studied. Any one of the seven Rishis with one of our planetary Logoi and one of the seven Sisters may form a subsidiary triangle, and all must thus be Studied.





  Cosmic evil from the standpoint of our planet consists in the relation between that spiritual intelligent Unit or "Rishi of the Superior Constellation" as He is called (who is the informing Life of one of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and our planetary prototype) and one of the forces of the Pleiades. (S. D., II, 579-581.) Students need here to remember that the "seven sisters" are occultly called the "seven wives" of the Rishis, and that the dual forces (resultant from that relationship) converge and play through that one of the planetary Logoi who is the Logos of any particular planet, and is the "reflection" of any specific Rishi. In this relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil as it makes itself felt in any particular planetary scheme. Again, when the heavenly triangle is duly equilibrated, and the force circulates freely through
  1. One of the stars of the Great Bear,
  2. The Pleiad involved,
  3. The planetary scheme concerned,

then again cosmic evil will be negated, and a relative perfection achieved. This will mark the attainment of primary perfection, and the consummation of the greater cycle.





  We must not ignore the three great waves of energy which sweep cyclically through the entire solar system from:
  1. The seven stars of the Great Bear. The strength of these vibrations depends upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and His Prototype. The mystery here is profound; it is connected with the stage in evolution of the "imperfect gods" and the objective of the planetary deities.
  2. The Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades, and from that one in particular who is occultly termed "the wife" of the planetary Logos whose scheme will eventually receive the seeds of life from our planet, which is not considered a sacred planet, as has before been stated.
  3. The sun Sirius.




  There is, as we know, a cyclic shifting of polar inclination, due to the gradually increasing responsiveness of the planetary Logos to His heavenly Prototype, whereby influences from the Great Bear draw, or occultly, "attract," the attention of the Logos, and bring Him more into line with a greater impulsive Will. This shifting causes disruption in His lower manifestation, which is a condition on the cosmic Path of Initiation analogous to that undergone by a disciple.  




  Like the planetary atom, the solar atom not only rotates on its axis but likewise spirals in a cyclic fashion through the Heavens. This is a different activity to the drift or progressive dynamic motion through the Heavens. It deals with the revolution of our Sun around a central point and with its relation to the three constellations so oft referred to in this Treatise:
  1. The Great Bear.
  2. The Pleiades.
  3. The Sun Sirius.

These three groups of solar bodies are of paramount influence where the spiral cyclic activity of our system is concerned. Just as in the human atom the spiral cyclic activity is egoic and controlled from the egoic body, so in connection with the solar system these three groups are related to the logoic Spiritual Triad, atma-buddhi-manas, and their influence is dominant in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution, and with solar progress.
Further, it must be added that the third type of motion to which our system is subjected, that of progress onward, is the result of the united activity of the seven constellations (our solar system forming one of the seven) which form the seven centers of the cosmic Logos. This united activity produces a uniform and steady push (if it might so be expressed) toward a point in the heavens unknown as yet to even the planetary Logoi.





  Certain influences indicate to Him and certain lines of force demonstrate to Him the fact that some constellations are knit with His system in a close and corporate union. We know that the Great Bear, the Pleiades, Draco or the Dragon are in some way associated with the solar system but as yet He knows not their function nor the nature of the other constellations. It must also be remembered that the turning of our tiny systemic wheel, and the revolution of a cosmic wheel can be hastened, or retarded, by influences emanating from unknown or unrealized constellations whose association with a systemic or a cosmic Logos is as mysterious relatively as the effect individuals have upon each other in the human family. This effect is hidden in logoic karma and is beyond the ken of man.  




  These energy centers are transmitters of energy from many and varied sources which might be briefly enumerated as follows:
  1. From the seven Rays, via the seven subrays of any specific monadic ray.
  2. From the triple aspects of the planetary Logos as He manifests through a scheme.
  3. From what are called "the sevenfold divisions of the logoic Heart," or the sun in its sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lying esoterically behind the outer physical solar form.
  4. From the seven Rishis of the Great Bear; this pours in via the Monad and is transmitted downward, merging on the higher levels of the mental plane with seven streams of energy from the Pleiades which come in as the psychical force demonstrating through the solar Angel.

All these various streams of energy are passed through certain groups or centers, becoming more active and demonstrating with a freer flow as the course of evolution is pursued. As far as man is concerned at present, this energy all converges, and seeks to energize his physical body, and direct his action via the seven etheric centers. These centers receive the force in a threefold manner:

  1. Force from the Heavenly Man and, therefore, from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear via the Monad.
  2. Force from the Pleiades, via the solar Angel or Ego.
  3. Force from the planes, from the Raja Devas of a plane, or fohatic energy, via the spirillae of a permanent atom.

It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth and development of a man. At first it is the force of the plane substance, which directs him, causing him to identify himself with the grosser substance and to consider himself a man, a member of the fourth Kingdom, and to be convinced, therefore, that he is the Not-Self. Later as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolution proceeds (I use the word "psychical" here in its higher connotation) and he begins to consider himself as the Ego, the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad begins to be responded to and he knows himself to be neither the man nor the angel, but a divine, essence or Spirit. These three types of energy demonstrate during manifestation as Spirit, Soul, and Body, and through them the three aspects of the Godhead meet and converge in man, and lie latent in every atom.





  The energy centers of the solar Logos are themselves in the form of vast lotuses or wheels, at the center of which lies hidden that central cosmic Life, we call a planetary Logos. He is the meeting place for two types of force, spiritual or logoic, which reaches Him (via the logoic Lotus on cosmic mental planes) from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear on Their own plane, and, secondly, of buddhic force, which is transmitted via the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades from a constellation called the Dragon in some books, and from which has come the appellation "The Dragon of Wisdom."  





This energy which impinges upon the solar sphere, and is thence distributed to all parts of the entire system, emanates from three cosmic centers, and, therefore, is triple during this particular cycle.

a. From the sevenfold Great Bear.
b. From the Sun Sirius.
c. From the Pleiades.

It must be remembered that the possible cosmic streams of energy available for use in our solar system are seven in number, of which three are major. These three vary during vast and incalculable cycles.





  The second Hierarchy is closely allied with the Great Bear. We are told that They entered through the second ventricle within the Sacred Heart, and are (as we are told in the Secret Doctrine) the prototypes of the Monads. They are the source of monadic Life, but They are not the Monads; They are far higher.