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Awaken Healing Light of the Tao



  The generative force of the earth (reflected in the seven stars of the Big Dipper) is red.  




  Wu Chi-the Primordial Tao
The Levels
9th: The Void
8th: The Triple One
7th: Five Great Stars
6th: Group of the Pole Star
5th: Big Dipper (Yin Visible Stars)
4th: Big Dipper (Yang Visible Stars)
3rd: Constellations
2nd: Planets
1st: Earth




  The sacrum and its holes also have a close connection to the Big Dipper, because they can absorb that constellation's energy and combine it with energy from the North Star, which are then stored at the crown.  




  Thalamus and Hypothalamus: These points are also part of the cranial pump, and they help us access the energy of the Big Dipper constellation.  




  Taoists regard this point as the main switch of the Universal Force. When the spirit awakens, it resides in this place. The pineal gland acts as the male (positive) charge, and the hypothalamus acts as the female (negative) charge. When they are connected, they give out a powerful, balanced force. By focusing on this center and picturing the seven stars of the Big Dipper, you can access the constellation's energy, which emanates from the crown as a ray of red light.  




  You learn to connect with Heavenly Chi from the North Star and the Big Dipper, merging them with your own for strength and healing.  




  In addition, the various bones of the skull are connected to the energy from the seven stars of the Big Dipper and the North Star and can easily draw these energies.  




  The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation and Stellar Heavenly Chi.

The first step in opening to the stellar energies is in the Microcosmic Orbit, where we open the door to the Heavenly Chi by focusing on the North Star and the Big Dipper energies, concentrating on their light, their color, and the associated feeling of their energy. Our main doorway to Heavenly Chi at this level is our crown or Bai Hui point. Internally, the hypothalamus is the point of correspondence to the Bai Hui. The back of the Crown point is also known as Kun Lun Mountain, the highest peak of humans and in heaven. The pineal is the point most sensitive to the light of heaven.
Once we are able to open to and tap the outer energy sources of the North Star and Big Dipper, we can use them to bring ourselves into balance by absorbing and blending them in much the same way we would adjust the temperature of the water in the bathtub by adding hot and cold as necessary to bring it to a perfect temperature. If we find we are too Yin, we can draw more Heavenly Chi; if too Yang, we can draw in more Earth Chi. In this way, we can harmonize our Yin and Yang energies with the Microcosmic Orbit practice.





  We are thus connected to the stars through our bodies; the human form itself is a product of stellar energy and matter. Realizing that our essence is of the stars, the Taoists devised methods to tap the macrocosmic energies of the Three Pure Ones, the Five Elements, the North Star, the Big Dipper, the 28 Constellations, and the planets. The purpose is to enhance the processes corresponding to these energies within the microcosm of our bodies-to promote our health, refine our " spirits, and eventually reunite us with our source, the Wu Chi.  




  Taoists reach the North Star by expanding their energy and spirit bodies beyond the earth's sphere. This requires practitioners to learn to draw efficiently on the stars and the universe as sources of energy to fortify these bodies. The North Star and the seven stars of the Big Dipper are of primary importance for this purpose. Their energies can be identified with practice, because the stars of the Big Dipper radiate a red light, whereas the North Star emanates a violet light.  




  Travel to the stars.
The higher practices involve traveling to and from the stars and constellations-particularly the North Star and Big Dipper-using the energy and spirit bodies. During these journeys the physical body does not actually leave the earth. Rather, our consciousness merges with the earth, in its capacity as a heavenly body, which allow us to use it as an expanded ground connection so we may safely absorb the higher radiations and vibrations from the stars.




  The middle of the crown connects with the hypothalamus and is the pathway to the Big Dipper. The light of the Big Dipper is a vibrant red, which reflects the vitality of the life-force manifesting.
The mideyebrow point connects to the pituitary gland and is the doorway to the Higher Self (Cosmic) Energy. It draws in the golden light, as mentioned earlier.




  Be aware of the center of the crown and the Big Dipper. Use the Triple Warmer sound as above to help activate the energy of the Big Dipper's seven stars and draw in the red essence of the Dipper. Do this 9 to 18 times.  




  Be aware of the red light of the Big Dipper. It is the higher astral fire of the earth. Picture the Big Dipper, and let the red light come to you. Let it flow in through the middle of the crown and into your brain, then down into your whole body. Feel your blood energized by it. The natural polarity to this astral fire is the blue water energy of the earth. Breathe in the blue light and let it neutralize the red light and gather this original energy at the Tan Tien.