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A Psychological Revolution


  This is a complex subject, it needs attention, it needs all your thought to find out, because you are the result of influence. When you believe that you are the higher self, and all the rest of it, when you say there is in you God, Divinity, the Atman - all that is influence. When the communist does not believe in God, he is also influenced.  




  Most of us do not want to know what we are. We invent the higher self, the Supreme Self, the Atman and all the innumerable ideas, to escape from the reality of what we are - the actual everyday, every-minute reality of what we are. And we do not know what we are from day to day; and on that we impose something which thought has bred as the Atman, which tradition has handed over as the higher self. With all that, we cover ourselves and try to reach the thing invented by the mind; and then if you do reach it, it is empty, it is ashes, it has no meaning.  




  You can understand yourself, who are a complex entity, by looking at yourself very very simply. And out of that perception, out of that seeing, out of that listening to yourself, you understand. You have to listen to yourself - not to your higher self - there is no higher self, there is no Atman; that is an invention of the mind, the result of thought, thought being the response of the mind, of the things that have been. So when you look at yourself every day, in every word, when you feel your way into the depth of your own heart and mind, then out of that looking, seeing, listening and hearing there comes simplicity; and out of that simplicity there is joy; and that is virtue.  




  Surely, there is only thought - thought as the machine-like response of accumulated memory. This thought has created the thinker as a permanent entity, the `me', which it then calls the ego, the soul, the higher self; but it is still the result of thought, because it can be conditioned to think whatever society wants it to think. The Communists do not believe in God at all, but you do, because you have been brought up in that belief. It is a matter of propaganda.