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The Training And Work Of An Initiate

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  "An Initiate, therefore, is one whose Higher Self it is that looks out at us through his eyes. The personality is reduced to a set of habit-complexes of living, leaving the Higher Self free to carryon its work with the minimum demands upon its attention from the physical plane."  




  "Before it is possible for the Higher Self to manifest through brain-consciousness, the personality must be tuned to the same key as the Individuality. The Individuality carries on its existence in the spiritual spheres just as the personality carries on its existence in the mundane sphere;"  




  "...and the actions of the personality are determined by its desire to maintain its harmony with the world of matter. whence the life of the body draws its being. It is obvious, therefore, that the personality will have entirely to re-orientate its standpoint before it can come into line with the Higher Self."  




  "We are inclined to think that, having sacrificed the personality, we shall be bereft of all things. This is because the mind of the West still clings to its habit of believing that the death of. the body ends existence. So we believe sub-consciously that the death of personality ends enjoyment of the fulnessof life. We forget that the merchant who sold all he had was able to purchase the Great Pearl."  


Psychic Self-Defense


  "The personality is the ego or external identity and ordinary consciousness of a person, and the Individuality is the Higher-self "