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The Cosmic Doctrine



  "Consciousness is an integration of reactions, so that any change in any part is responded to by the corresponding adjustments of the whole. It is a principle of compensation[] that is involved, and this all-inclusive compensatory adjustment may be termed the basis of Cosmic personality."  




  "A personality is that set of reaction-capacities which the addition of a new factor in evolution has made possible. 'Individuality' and 'personality,' then, refer to stages of development, and have a historical significance. They refer to 'time' not to 'form'. That which is the personality to-day will be part of the Individuality to-morrow. A Great Entity, then, builds up Its first personality out of Its reaction to the Cosmic phases. It becomes conscious of the " self " thus developed when reciprocal action of all its aspects is established."  




  "Hence the saying "out of Chaos issues Creation." The Unmanifest has been organised. Something exists which did not exist before. Creation has taken place. These reactions speedily affect each other and so become organised among themselves, and this reciprocal reaction is the basis of personality. Thus, the first development of consciousness in a universe is one great and comprehensive Oversoul."  




  "This is the first occasion on which the atoms are differentiated one from another, and this leads to the applying to this swarm of the name "Lords of Mind" because individualised experience is the basis of personality."  




  "Elaboration means differentiation, and differentiation means personality."  




  "You are accustomed to the concepts of astrology which delineates the planetary influences affecting the personality. The subject of our discussion is the Cosmic influences affecting the Individuality, which may be termed sidereal astrology in distinction from planetary astrology."  




  "The forthsending and returning of an evolutionary life swarm conveys the same harvest of experiences to the Logoidal Consciousness as the Individuality of a man receives from the incarnation of a personality. The Logos Itself corresponds to the Divine Spark. The Universe, in its Group Soul aspect, corresponds to the Individuality. The evolutionary swarm corresponds to the personality."  




  "Those thought-forms by experience develop a personality but have not yet arrived at the Individuality, therefore they are spoken of as 'soul-less.' "  




  "You will observe that the Divine Sparks develop first a nascent Individuality and then a personality. But the " creations of the created " develop first a personality and then aspire to Individuality."  




  ...when what you would term a "Master" wishes to operate on the physical plane, he will of necessity employ an entity of a lower grade of evolution than his own, and he will be compelled to work through the personality of that person.  




  "In sleep the physical plane is dissociated from the other planes, and the soul thus freed receives no longer the impressions coming through the five gates of the senses and we say '' it sleeps and is passive;'' but the Individuality wakes and is active. In waking life the Individuality sleeps, and in sleeping life the Individuality wakes. This is the rule for the majority; but there comes a time in the evolution of some when the personality is capable of being used by the Individuality to express itself. This calls for a highly developed personality and a highly evolved Individuality. The Individuality is referred to in the sacred writings as the 'Angel that ever beholds the face of God.' "  




  "The Individuality is not freed, and instead of beholding the "face of the Father which is in Heaven " beholds the reversed image of the human form and thereby develops in its likeness. The Individuality, being unable to function On its own plane, makes no growth and remains unevolved; and the personality becomes an. exaggerated caricature of itself."  




  "The personality, when withdrawn by death from the body, yet continues to live and to function as a personality, and the man is in no wise changed and still "answers to the name he bore in the flesh." In the Lower Hells he burns with desire until the possibilities of desire are burnt out."