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Sane Occultism



  "...let us never forget that there is no such thing as revelation to brain..consciousness; the revelation is always to the Higher Self, and has then to be translated through into brain-consciousness; in that translation discrepancies may occur, and therefore all revelation and inspiration, even the clearest, requires .counterchecking, Our problem, then, is to devise a scheme of counterchecking that shall effectually test the truth of the fruits of meditation or inspiration, While leaving room for new discoveries of ccult science."  




  "It is not until consciousness rises to the level of the Higher Self that past lives are remembered."  




  "It is obedience to divine principles that should be emphasised" not obedience to personalities, or even systems. When all is said and done, it is the Higher Self that really initiates US, and although teacher and Master combine to bring that Higher Self into function, the process begins and ends with Realisation."