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Aspects Of Occultism



  The very primitive cults, such as Voodooism, were initiators of the sub-consciousness; loftier cults, such as Hinduism, were initiators of the Higher Self;  




  No one who is adequately instructed in esoteric philosophy believes in the reincarnation of the present personality, nor of any historic personality in the past. It is the Higher Self alone which is immortal and which survives bodily death and is the vehicle of Karma.  




  It will be found that when the third band of the aura (linking with the Higher Self) is being inspected, consciousness will be spiritually exalted and tend to diffusion into the Higher Self; whereas when the astral and etheric bands of the aura are being studied, personal consciousness will be magically concentrated on those planes.

The Personality, which builds up out of the emanations of the peripheral circuit, is negative to its environment and conditioned thereby; but the Individuality or Higher Self is organized around the central magnetic core, and is responsive to the influence of the Divine Spark which obeys laws that are beyond our comprehension as incarnate beings, and are comprehensible only in terms of the consciousness that can rise to the plane where they operate.

The Month is a Moon tide, for whereas the Sun refers to the Higher Self, the Moon refers to the Personality and the etheric side of the Earth.