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Through The Gates Of Death


  "...the soul is not only conscious upon the plane of its present existence, but the higher consciousness is also awake and active, and all the time that this phantasmagoria of dream is going on, the Higher Self is holding up the mirror to consciousness and bidding the soul look therein upon its own image."  




  "the Adept dies, as he has lived, serenely. Death has no terrors for the man who knows the actuality of reincarnation through his own memories of past lives. He has died many times before and the process is familiar to him. He is accustomed daily to withdraw consciousness from the brain and enter into the Higher Self in meditation. He knows that the time has now come to go out through that familiar gate and close it behind him, returning not again."  




  "Which is best, to be in physical touch with those whose souls are remote from us through lack of sympathy, or to be in a spiritual union of perfect sympathy and understanding with the real, the immortal and indestructible Higher Self of one dear to us?"