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The Cosmic Doctrine



  "These terms are used as equivalent to " Higher Self " and " Lower Self " in esoteric literature. A Personality is that set of reaction-capacities which the addition of a new factor in evolution has made possible. "Individuality" and "Personality," then, refer to stages of development, and have a historical significance. They refer to " time " not to "form." That which is the Personality today will be part of the Individuality tomorrow."  




  "...the Higher Self of the Planetary Being depends upon the lives dwelling on it for its development."  




  "The forces of the Ray Exemplars are very strong and very deep. It can be of great value to link them mentally with those more abstract aspects of the individual called variously in esotericism the "Higher Self" or the Individuality."  




  "The great " Ray " impinges on the Higher Self in such a manner as to impel it towards integration with the Personality, and everyone save those whose integration was well advanced would feel strong effects which might well be beyond their capacity at that stage to support. When this " Ray " is brought through the Personality has to absorb in a way the experience of the Higher Self even as the Higher Self has to absorb the experiences of the Personality after physical death."