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Applied Magic



  Most of you know that the human Personality endures for a while after the death of the body, going through a purgatorial experience, from there to a lower heaven to rest in a pleasant dream, then to the Second Death, the death of the Personality of this incarnation, including the lower mind, which is disintegrated; from this the Higher Self is set free and passes some time in the higher heaven before reincarnating.  




  The Individuality or Higher Self is the unit of an evolution, consisting of the bodies of the highest three planes (using a seven plane system) organized around the Divine Spark.
The Lower Self, Personality, or Projection' is the unit of an incarnation consisting of the 'bodies' of the four lower planes (in a seven plane system). Its experiences are absorbed in essence after physical death by the Higher Self but this alone does not determine the next Projection as the Higher Self has phases of development between incarnations-based largely on pre-incamatory (or involutionary) experiences which also influence the next Projection.
The Soul is one of the words most frequently used with differing meanings. We use it as signifying the inner aspects of the Personality plus the outer aspects of the Higher Self. It is, in fact, the unit of evolution up to a certain point (beyond Chesed).2 The Personality aspects of it are (or should be) absorbed in essence by the Higher Self at death and the soul itself conditioned thereby for its next incarnation. (This is capable of much wider exposition.) It can be considered as the vehicle of evolving man as far as the Abyss on the Tree of Life and its state at death and after has much to do with the next Personality projected by the Higher Self.




  Racial Angels guide races to the territory where they shall take root and as long as a nation remains sufficiently strong (in many senses of that word) the Angel is as its Higher Self so to speak.  




  When integration with the Higher Self draws near it is possible that 'anima' or 'animus' may give place to ideal figures of the same sex as the Personality and such figures may even be foreshadowed at a much earlier stage in sensitive people in the higher emotional states.  




  Terrible as can be the Dweller on the Threshold to confront, it is yet only an 'averse' aspect of the Higher Self ('potentially', or 'unabsorbed') and can have something Divine in its appearance for it is connected with the suffering of the Higher Self which 'becomes sin to redeem its projections-a consideration which merits deep meditation.  




  This is a well-known psychological phenomenon; when recognized for what it truly is it can be a special link between the Personality and the Higher Self, being an aspect of the Angel of the Pillar opposite to the physical sex-that is female for the Silver Pillar, male for the Black Pillar (These Pillars refer to the composite glyph of the Tree of Life and the Pillars-a Qabalistic symbol.)  




  The Higher Self contacts the Lower Self in many ways. At first, contacts are rare and for the 'once-born' may happen only once or twice in a lifetime showing as an intuitive awareness before some important event. A martyr is always an initiate in some degree even without any esoteric experience or training: in such a type a very deep conviction may be sent down by the Higher Self which must be acted on at all costs by the Lower Self even if suffering and death result. The Higher Self is not, of course, concerned with what the Lower Self understands as the rights of religion or politics but is occupied with some karmic matter to be adjusted by the Lower Self's death or by some motive arising out of Cosmic Law quite unknown to the Lower Self, veiled behind some doctrine or concept. The martyr may well seal with his blood a cause of which in the Lower Self he is quite unaware.  




  Before this Sin and the differentiation of the sexes in evolution the human being consisted of the Higher Self in touch with the Divine Spark; there was no Personality as we now know it. The first 'projections' from the Higher Self as we now understand them were evolved around the 'Ego' created as a result of the Lemurian Shadow.  




  In the beginning it was intended that evolution should proceed by the experience of differentiation as a result of the epigenetic factors in the Atoms (using the terminology of the 'Cosmic Doctrine'), but the result of the Lemurian Sin was the separation of the Higher Self from the lower vehicles and physical form, having, as one of the many bad results, the loss of memory of the higher states of consciousness.  




  Man must eventually achieve 'individualization-consciousness' in which the Divine Spark, Higher Self and Lower Self will all be in harmonious function and the consciousness of the body of Malkuth be recognized for what it really is, a cell in the body of the 'Earth Mother  




  The 'one Initiator' is increasing realization as a result of the increasing integration of Higher Self and Personality which leads on to the 'Empty Room' in Daath.  




  Non-human Forces sometimes overshadow humans and bring in influences of other Racial Groups than that of those humans. The various Racial Groups differ in their influences, hence the different types of Elementals 'seen' in various countries. Byron is an illustration of one influenced by Forces of more than one Racial Group. In addition he had a daemonic form of 'daimon’ overshadowing his Higher Self and this daimon had no opportunity in that incarnation of manifesting save mainly through the intellect. The revolutionary forces at work in Byron's day were able to use this dynamic daimon to some extent but more than half remained unexpressed. Thus there is a sense of something 'tearing itself to pieces' all the time and having to do all it could with the utmost urgency since time was short (The poet died at the age of 36.)  




  Our Lord used this solar ray by bringing it down through himself on to others. Other solar healers used another level of this ray and brought it into contact with the patient's Higher Self whence it approached his Personality; they were not, of course, able to contact it in the major degree of force used by Our Lord.  




  The Watchman (or Watcher on the Tower) is an archetypal figure sometimes used from the Inner Planes to help the soul to realize its true destiny. It represents the eternal indestructible pan of each one- linking the Higher Self with the Divine Spark. It recognizes only Reality and therefore its actions seek to destroy all that hinders realization of a soul's destiny.  




  Apart from its more easily recognizable manifestations, vanity can be the result of a form of hate and distaste for the Personality by an 'averse' aspect of a Higher Self.  




  Racial Angels
These angels are evolving somewhat like the Higher Selves of human beings and have to move on to other stages of development, which in their case means working behind a different Race As with men, the Racial Angel's main force may focus out of true alignment with its source and then very often an evil power will use the Racial Angel's force even as an evil Personality will utilize the force of its Higher Self in wrong ways...




  Now the process is a long and intricate one for after the ending by physical death of a period of development on earth the spirit of man passes on a long journey of interincarnationary processes in which the evolutionary phases of the Higher Self are recapitulated again through the previous chains of its development before humanity lived on the present earth.  




  A suitable disciple of a certain Master can be used by that Master, with the consent and co-operation of the Higher Self of that disciple, for a type of incarnation, and the result would differ little from a genuine incarnation for as long as the Master's purpose required.