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  " Sundry Notes on astrology
1. The Zodiac comes under the influence of the (12) Cosmic Rays, and the true Zodiacal influence upon the human being dates not from that operating at the moment of the birth-date of his present incarnation but from the Cosmic 'groupings' in action at the time when the Divine Spark coming down the planes (see 'Cosmic Doctrine') was impressed with some special Zodiacal force This force, if truly discerned, would be apparent in the astrological positions of each incarnation-also it would be possible to make of the individual influences at work on the Spirit a calculation somewhat analogous to that of the Precession of the Equinoxes at work on the Sun; the subject is difficult and calls for expert and specialized knowledge Each Divine Spark is respectively influenced by one of the twelve great Concepts of Truth' which are behind the twelve Great Rays. This is the real fundamental astrology which covers an evolution. The working of the Lesser Zodiac during one incarnation is trivial by comparison, though its understanding can be very helpful.
2. The Zodiac is not so much an imaginary belt as 'zones' or 'rays' of influence touching the Earth at certain seasons. It is best considered in sets of four constellations. The three modes of force-Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable-refer to the three Rays of Life; there are three sets of these balanced with the Three Rays of Destruction. Each Zodiacal mode is aligned with one of these Rays of Life The Rays of Life and the Zodicacal Signs equated with them vary with each evolution: the Four Holy Creatures of the present evolution did not rank as such before this evolution-despite the influences they shed. In the next evolution the four 'Mutable' Signs will be 'holy! The Signs of the Zodiac are the mystical basis of the Cosmos.
3. The sun's passage through the Zodiac resembles the 'gathering of the limbs of Osiris', that is to say the building into the Individuality of the experiences gained from the various incarnations. These may be considered in one way as 'types of evolution' on the Path. Arthur's knights, the Twelve Apostles, and similar groupings may be thought of as allegorical figures in this way as well as historical facts in some instances. If we regard the Sun-power in the horoscope as having the four aspects of horizon, zenith, sunset, and nadir, and as acting through not only the solar Sign itself and that on the ascendant but also through whatever Sign or Planet is on the cusp of the 10th, 7th, and 4th Houses respectively, we find that this is reflected in the initiate's horoscope by the four great Egyptian aspects-Ra, Osiris, Turn, Khepra. The Sun itself is a reflection of Sirius; Venus eventually is transcended in Sothis (Sirius) the home of Isis.
4. Evolutionary changes are already beginning in the Cosmic spheres. Towards the end of an Evolution (covering a vast expanse of time) form itself begins to alter-as happened at the end of the Atlantean Age At such a time great Cosmic Beings take over from those previously in charge and the 'outer' conditions of earth and man begin to change, largely because of 'rays' or 'influences' from distant stellar forces coming into operation."