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Theosophy and the New Psychology

(A Course of Six Lectures)


  Genius is but the momentary grasping of the brain by that larger consciousness, forcing it into an insight, a strength of grip and a width of outlook that causes its noble reach. It is the putting down more of the larger consciousness into an organism capable of vibrating in answer to its thrills. So that we may now drop the word "larger consciousness" and take a truer title. This larger consciousness is our real Self; this larger consciousness is the real Man, who is not the bodily garments that he wears. And all things that we see around us that we recognise as hints of a larger consciousness, these are the whisperings, scarce articulate as yet, but with all the promise of the future, that come from the land of our birth, from the world to which in truth we belong; they are the voice of the Higher Self who is truly the larger; they are the voice of the living Spirit, unborn, undying, ancient, perpetual and constant; they are the voice of the inner God, speaking in the body of man. 




  From the super-conscious region come down those impulses which are called the promptings of genius. Directly from the higher Self-conscious 'I' these promptings of genius come down, sometimes causing instability of the brain which is not yet fitted for the reception of them; but that is the instability of growth, not of disease.