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The Doctrine of the Heart

(Extracts from Hindu Letters with a foreword by- Annie Besant)


  82. You have tasted some drops of the ambrosial waters of Peace, and in the tasting have found strength. Known now and for ever that in the calm of the Soul lies real knowledge, and from the divine tranquillity of the heart comes power. Experience of celestial peace and joy is therefore the only true spiritual life, and growth in peace alone means growth of the Soul. The witness sing of abnormal phenomena by the physical sense can but arouse curiosity and not promote growth. Devotion and peace form the atmosphere in which the Soul lives , and the more you have of those, the more life your Soul will possess. Rely always therefore on the experiences of your Higher Self as a test of your own progress, as also of the reality of the spiritual world, and do not attach any importance to physical phenomena which never do, never can, form the source of strength and comfort. 




  83. The humble and devoted servants of the Masters really form a chain by which each link is held to the Compassionate Ones. The tightness of the hold of one link to the one next in advance to it, therefore, implies the strength of the chain which ever draws us up to Them. Hence one should never fall into the popular fallacy of regard the love which partakes so largely of the divine as a weakness. Even ordinary love, if it be real, deep and selfless, is the highest and purest manifestation of the Higher Self, and if entertained in one's bosom with consistency and desire of self-sacrifice, ultimately brings one to a clearer realisation of the spiritual world than does any other human act or emotion. What then of a love which has for its basis a common aspiration to reach the Throne of God, a joint prayer to suffer for the ignorant and erring humanity, and a mutual pledge to sacrifice one's own happiness and comfort for the better rendering of service to Those who are ever building a bulwark with Their blessings between the terrible forces of evil and the defenceless orphan- Humanity.... But the ideas of the world are all distorted by the selfishness and baseness of human nature. It in love there be weakness, I do not know where lies strength. Real strength does not consist in strife and opposition,but lies all-potent in love and inner peace. So the man who cares to live and grow must ever love, and suffer for love.